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Vendor in the Spotlight - Couture Bride

Getting the perfect wedding gown is probably the dream of every lady out there. We all know how shopping for that perfect wedding gown can be such a thrilling experience. It won’t be farfetched to say most ladies dream about the day they shop for their wedding gown years before they get engaged or even find the right partner!

However, as exciting as shopping for your wedding gown may be, patronizing the wrong bridal boutique can very easily turn into a nasty business. Couture Bride is well aware of this, which is why their sole aim is to provide beautiful and quality gowns for all brides in need. We’ll tell you a bit more about this amazing bridal boutique, then you can understand why they’re at the top of their game.

· For how long have you been in the business of bridal wear?

We officially began business in January 2007, which means 13 years of excellent service to our customers. Before opening the Couture Bride, two of our executives-Dawn and Annette-who had been in the bridal industries for years worked with some of the best bridal fashion designers. This greatly added to their wealth of experience in the bridal industry.

· Tell us more about Couture Bride

Couture bride is a full-service luxury bridal salon, located in Las Vegas. We offer a variety of sophisticated bridal gowns for our customers. Our products include wedding gowns, veils, and other wedding gown accessories. We also provide lovely bridesmaids gowns to our customers. At Couture Bride, we make sure our customers always have a wonderful experience when shopping for their wedding gowns.

· Do you have any designers for your products?

Yes, we do have some exclusive designers; the best in the bridal industry, if we do say so ourselves. Our exclusive designers are Vera Wang, Olvi’s, Lilian West, Watters, Madi Lane, and Alma Novia. These designers excel at what they do. Their unique bridal designs speak for themselves.

Thank you, Couture Bride. To our readers, you can book an appointment with Couture Bride at And they are located at 950 South Durango Drive, Suite 130 Las Vegas, Nevada 89145.

While Couture Bride is handling your bridal wear and tending to your bridesmaids, you will also need a professional makeup artist and hairstylist to handle your bridal makeup and hairstyling, no? Allow us to take the reins from there!

We are Aleu.Co and we’re here to tend to your bridal makeup and hairstyle needs. Visit us today as https://www.aleuco.comto book a great session. We are also mobile, which means we can come right to your doorstep for your makeup and hairstyling session.

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