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Wearing A Mask & Keeping Your Skin Healthy

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Who would've ever thought that wearing a facial mask would be the new norm in this day and age? Definitely not us! It's interesting how the world works and how we shape ourselves into new routines. Washing hands, maintaining cleanliness, and everything else in between... but wearing a mask is something new for everyday wear. There is no denying the fact that it's essential for your health, so let's learn to live with until further guidance! Meanwhile, let's try and take better care of our skin.

If you are the type of person who likes to take great care of your skin, it's essential to take the right measures. Wearing a mask all day can affect your skin. Humidity, sweat, and rubbing can irritate our face more than we might know.

Consider Spot Treatment

If you are suffering from mild to severe acne, it would be best to discuss the situation with a dermatologist. However, if you find yourself getting bumps and pimples because of wearing a mask, try spot treatments. And don't worry! No one is going to notice what's underneath the mask. There are various brands out there, so try searching for 'pimple patches'. Small but mighty patches for a problem pimple can target these stubborn blemishes.

Use A Suitable Cleanser

Based on your skin type, find a cleanser that best suits you. Now that you're probably wearing a mask most of the day, starting with a cleanser sooner than later can help alleviate issues before they start or become worse. Ever used a toner? Now might be the perfect time to try one out. Start a skincare regimen with a light and natural facial soap or scrub. There are plenty of natural formulas blended with antioxidants that benefit almost any skin type. Each morning and night, cleanse the day away and remove the pollutants and build up from your skin.

Find The Right Beauty Products

It's very important that you are purchasing beauty products that are good for your skin. Investing in healthy skincare products means you're investing in yourself. Hit up your local beauty store and compare clay masks, serums, creams, and other beneficial options. Test some out and see what works best for your skin. Find what soothes and revitalizes your skin, and from there, keep up a good regimen. If you are experiencing an allergic reaction because of masks, it would be best to consult your dermatologist. Always use the right products to prevent breakouts from becoming worse.

Facial Steams

Spa day at home? Yes! When you are wearing a mask all day, you should try to pamper yourself at the end of the day. Consider facial steam to help open up pores and loosen up any stubborn buildup. Make sure you are doing it the right way. Use a facial steamer or simply use a bowl, but make sure the temperature is just right - approximately 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

Clean Your Masks

Don't forget to wash your masks every day. You can gently hand wash your mask and let it air dry. Try not to leave it in your car. This will keep you from reusing it over and over again. It's vital that your mask is super clean! After all, it's essential to maintain hygiene. Of course, our mouths are full of germs and bacteria, which are continuously breathed in and back out within a mask.

Wrapping It Up!

Enjoy your day - even if you have to wear a mask. It's possible that you might have stopped wearing lipstick. But you can still apply mascara and winged eyeliner. Step outside your comfy boundaries and do a little Hollywood glam from the nose up! Let's opt for the smoky eyes or glittery lids. Let's have some fun with it! No matter what, take great care of your beautiful skin. A mask cannot hide your beautiful skin if you are caring for it the right way.




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