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What's The Perfect Haircut For Your Face Shape?

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Do you know how certain haircuts just don’t suit you, no matter how much you love them? Or a haircut that your stylist swears by, does not look good on you? Why do you think that is? The answer is simple. Your face shape.

Now before you decide which haircut is perfect for your face, you need to first know your face shape. Here’s how you can classify:

· Oval Face

· Rectangular face

· Triangular face

· Round face

· Square face

· Heart face

· Diamond face

Haircuts For Oval Faces

The oval face shape is a great canvas for experimentation. Almost every style of haircut suits. Oval faces are both well-proportioned and symmetrical, as long as you keep the hair off your forehead. The most popular cut for this face shape is a side parting, with short hair at the back and slightly longer in the front.

Haircuts For Square Faces

The classic haircuts suit square faces the best. Short layers with side parting, French crops, and spikes are the way to go for your hair if you’ve got a square face. You can rock both the short and long hair look, but making it too short will make it look a little constricting.

Haircuts For Rectangular Faces

For rectangular faces, you need something that isn’t too long or too short. Medium-length hair with layers is always a good deal for people with rectangular faces. Your hairstylist will know how to subtly tweak your hairstyle to make sure your face doesn’t look longer than it is.

Haircuts For Round Faces

The second you realize you’ve got a round face, you should always go for square-shaped hairstyles. Round faces don’t have any angles, so your hairstyle will provide those angles, and edges you need. Long bobs or angular bobs look best with round faces.

Haircut For Diamond Faces

When you’ve got a face that’s narrow at the chin and near the brow, but has all the width near the cheeks, then you require a special haircut. You need something that accentuates your gorgeous face shape. A haircut with texture, and layers, perhaps a long layer with a side parting, or a side-sweep parting.

Haircuts For Heart Faces

If you’ve got a heart-shaped face, then you need something loose. Something that bounces around your head and comes to rest at your chin. A haircut that would flow in the wind. You should be avoiding any style that is too tight or rigid, many specialists suggest going for beach waves is the best bet. It’s a fun haircut and looks great on people with heart-shaped faces.

Haircuts For Triangular Faces

Last but certainly not least is the triangular face shape. This face shape is all sharp edges and jawlines. For this particular face shape you need something tight, something that sticks to your face, adds depth to it, while also adding a certain fullness.

Final Thoughts

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and find out what face shape you have. Once you know, book an appointment and get the haircut that suits you best!


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